Everbrite Lighting Technology Center

Everbrite Technology Center

Over the course of more than 80 years Everbrite, LLC has grown to become the industry leader in innovative design, engineering and state of the art manufacturing. Everbrite's long standing commitment to quality and innovation continues with the Technology Center. Here is where we focus on not only the needs of today's market, but anticipate those of tomorrow. Our technological achievements are driven by what our customers expect--and what they have yet to imagine.

The Technology Center is a 24,000 square foot facility where great minds are able to study, brainstorm, collaborate, connect their ideas and develop new solutions. Our engineers, scientists and technicians are known as the Everbrite Technology Group. This leading edge facility is dedicated to the development of new products and processes designed to ensure the competitive advantage for our customers.

Completed in 1993, the Technology Center has been custom tailored for applied industrial research and contains design, engineering, laboratory, product testing and business areas. Unique features of this building include facilities for new product and assembly process development, prototype fabrication and testing.

Product Testing Laboratory

  • Unique on-premise test center for US and international standards testing (UL, CSA, CE, etc.)
  • Complete facility for product performance testing such as function, durability, environmental stress, materials and safety
  • A two story bay for the assembly and testing of oversized products and production equipment
  • Center is set up for both indoor and outdoor materials and product testing

Mechanical Prototype Laboratory

  • Fabrication and testing of product prototypes
  • Facilities for design and development of new and improved processes and equipment for efficient manufacturing

Lighting and Optics Laboratory

  • Measuring and testing light sources, product prototypes and existing products
  • Measuring of intensity, color distribution and radiation pattern
  • Key resource for applied LED technology in Everbrite products

Electronic Development Laboratory

  • Innovative electronics products development for LED light engines, power supplies and controls
  • Hardware and software development for advanced display products such as digital signage, electronic message centers and scoreboards

As it was with our founder, Charles Wamser, Everbrite's team meets each new day with the same sense of passion and wonder for the great possibilities that can and do come to light through creativity.

The Technology Center has afforded us the opportunity to foster creative cooperation and collaboration in Everbrite's continued product initiatives; resulting in shorter lead times for new discoveries, new ideas, new products and all things that allow Everbrite to be a leader in visual identification and LED lighting technologies. In short, our innovative products and manufacturing processes have revolutionized the industry, and we have every intention to maintain this standard.

The Everbrite Technology Center was dedicated to Everbrite's Vice Chairman Emeritus, Chuck Trame, whose creative spirit, vision and leadership established Everbrite as an industry leader in product excellence.