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Everbrite Lighting was the first company to develop an LED lighting system, MedLux®, specifically designed for use in MRI rooms.

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MedLux XLS Downlights

Medlux® XLS MRI Downlights

The First LED down-light developed for use in an MRI suite. Our success is confirmed by a proven track record of 1500+ fixtures installed in the US and Canada since Mid-2006.

MedLux Ceiling GPI

Medlux® Ceiling MRI GPI

Our ceiling panel lights revolutionized this industry and set the standard for MRI suite lighting.

MedLux Wall GPI Non-MRI

Medlux® Ceiling Non-MRI GPI

MedLux® Ceiling non-MRI GPIs use high quality, long-life LEDs to illuminate images and are proven to be superior to all other forms of light sources currently used.

MedLux Wall GPI

Medlux® Wall MRI GPI

Our 100% MRI-Safe non-ferrous construction wall GPIs are long-life rated to 50,000 hours L70 (80,000 useful life) and are maintenance-free thus reducing service-related accidents.

MedLux Color Changing Trofer

Medlux® Color Changing Troffer

MedLux® color changing lighting system for MRI suite applications feature high quality, long-life LEDs to provide a full range of colors.

MedLux High Bright Trofer

MRI-Safe Medlux® High Bright Troffer

MedLux® high bright troffers for MRI suite applications are designed specifically for producing full brightness for cleaning, maintenance and emergencies.

MedLux Cove Lights

Medlux® Cove Lights

MedLux® Cove is offered in both MRI-Safe and non-MRI versions. The MRI system features a patent pending control method designed specifically for operating in an EMI free environment.