West Virginia State Museum Indoor Custom LED Light Boxes

West Virginia State Museum


The newly renovated West Virginia State Museum devised three new exhibits that were designed to use light boxes. The light boxes had to provide even and bright light, stay virtually maintenance free, while maintaining extremely slim profile so they could be used in very tight spaces. Furthermore, they required the white light to be filtered and dimmed to achieve the look of moonlight.


Everbrite designed custom ultra slim LED light boxes. The use of murals in front of the lights allowed the designers to create a sense of the exterior sun or moon. Some of the LED light boxes also created the effect of a window lit from the interior. Different shading films were used to reduce the light level from the LED lighting panels and give the exhibits the proper effects. Additionally, the LED light boxes produced relatively low levels of heat, reducing the possibility of fading or deterioration of the murals, or other elements of the exhibit.


"It was challenging to integrate the light panels into the scenic elements, Everbrite was able to engineer and build the LED panels extremely slim so they could be used in very tight spaces while not compromising the design of the historically referenced scenic elements."

President of RSL Commercial Architecture