FireKeepers Casino LED Indoor Lighting

FireKeepers Casino


FireKeepers Casino wanted to convey the spiritual elements of earth, air, fire and water while avoiding stereotypical décor throughout their 106,000-sq-ft gaming space and restaurants. They elected to abstractly portray these elements in a playful, contemporary way through the use of light.


To convey the desired elements, Everbrite came up with the concept of randomly installed linear "wisps" placed across a range of mounting heights throughout the slot machine area. The entire project includes more than 41,300 LED nodes with more than 142,000 channels of information. Programming all of these nodes to produce more than 90 minutes of unique lighting effects required a 10-page script. The program alternates between "fun" color palettes to the big elemental effects, which include an "earthquake" that sends waves of motion, with the highpoint, a big thunderstorm.