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Medluc Cove Lights

MedLux® COVE Lights

LED Cove Lighting System

MRI & non-MRI applications

MedLux® Cove MRI-Safe LED Lighting System

MedLux® Cove Lights are offered in both MRI-Safe and non-MRI versions. The MRI system features a unique (patent pending) control method designed specifically for operating LEDs in an EMI free environment. Only reputable name brand LEDs are used assuring long-life and even color consistency.

The MRI-Safe system also uses a proprietary driver module requiring only one (1) power filter and three (3) signal filters for the entire system. A keypad/controller module allows for finite color adjustment of the system and six (6) user defined programmable color settings. White only systems are controlled by a standard MedLux® MDL Dimmer, or XLIM/XLAM dimming interface modules.

  • Dimensions/Sizes:1.35”W x 0.75”H x 6.125”, 12.125”, 18.125”, 36.125", 48.125" and 72.125" lengths
  • Construction: Enclosure base: Extruded ABS; LENS: Diffuse "Satin Ice" acrylic; End caps consist of injection molded diffuse "Satin Ice" acrylic
  • Light Source: RGB or White LEDs on 1" pitch, 1/3W per LED
  • Internal LED Board Length: 1.00" x 5.93", x 11.93", x 17.93" or multiples thereof
  • Input: 24VDC @ 0.125A max. per foot (3W per foot)
  • Colors Available:
    RGB - Continuously variable from a palette of 262,000
    Fixed colors - Red, Green, Blue and Custom
    White – 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K, 6500K
  • Electrical Interconnects: Gold plated plug & socket; Connector exit-right angle on each end of profile; Optional extension harnesses available for corners
  • Safety Agency: UL2108, UL8750; cULus Listed, E361133; CSA C22.2 No. 9.0-96
  • Mounting Method: Extruded plastic clip/rail system (supplied); Standard drywall or sheet metal screws
MedLux® Cove MRI-Safe LED Lighting System

RGB Keypad/Controller Module

Managing Multicolor LEDs

When the MedLux Cove Lights or Color Changing Troffer systems are set for normal "RUN mode" operation, the display will present a continuously changing series of colors. This cycling action will repeat until instructed to "HOLD" or until one of the "PRESET" fixed colors is selected. Preset colors can be modified and saved at any time. Of course, the display can be turned off at any time using the "OFF" key. The time required to complete a full color cycle can be changed using a special key sequence described below. All preset colors and the cycle speed are retained when the system is turned OFF, or in the event of a power failure.

  • Input Power: 16VAC or 24VDC @ 5VA from a Class 2 recognized power source (supplied with system)
  • Outputs: Four configurable signal channels providing any one of the following: 130Hz PWM, BCD digital, RS-485 Serial
  • Dimensions: Keypad is 4.5"H x 5.0"W, flush to wall; Controller is attached to keypad, 2.8"H x 1.9"W x 2.7"D
  • Mounting: Requires standard double-gang switchbox, with minimum depth = 3" Note: Keypad is too wide to permit side-by-side mounting in a quad-gang box
  • Maintenance: No user serviceable parts; May be cleaned with most household cleaning agents
  • Basic Operation: Cycles through a "rainbow" of color combinations; Cycle rate is user adjustable; "Color Hold" function allows any color to be selected and maintained statically indefinitely; Up to six (6) static selections can be placed in memory for immediate recall at any time
MedLux® Cove MRI-Safe LED Lighting System

White/Monochrome Dimming Control

Dimming White/Monochrome LEDs

  • Dimensions: 4.5"H x 2.75"W
  • Input Voltage: 16VAC, 50/60Hz, or 15VDC to 48VDC Class 2 Power Source
  • Input Power: 2.4 Watts, 4.8 VA (assuming non-pfc wall adapter)
  • Safety Rating: All circuitry meets NEC Class 2 requirements
  • Output Voltage: 0 to 12 VDC, pulse width modulated, trapezoidal wave
  • Operating Frequency: 140Hz
  • Controls:
    ON - Press to activate dimmer, sets output to FULL ON
    ARROW UP - Press or Press-and-Hold to increase brightness
    ARROW DOWN - Press or Press-and-Hold to decrease brightness
    SAVE - Place current brightness setting into memory
    PRESET - Recall last "saved" brightness setting
    OFF - Press to turn lights OFF; dimmer "night light" remains active
  • Wiring Description: Terminal block for discrete wired installations is standard. Optional RJ-45 connectors available with Class 2, shielded plenum rated signal cables.
  • Mounting: Separate standard single gang wall switch box, minimum 2"W x 2.75"H x 3"D (inside clearance, 20.3 cu. in. typical)