Medlux High Bright Troffer

MRI-Safe LED High Bright Troffer (HBTSF)

MRI Applications

E-LED™ MRI-Safe LED Troffer

Everbrite Lighting proudly introduces lighting technology that provides a bright white troffer light in MRI environments.

These high bright troffers are designed to fit all standard US, commercial, suspended ceiling grid systems. NO FIELD ASSEMBLY OF TROFFER IS REQUIRED; they come ready to install and wire. Hanger wire holes are located at each corner, hanger wire is not included.

  • Nominal Sizes: 2'x2', 2'x4'
  • Wattage: 45, 90
  • Lumens: 2571
  • Color Temperature: 3500K
  • CRI: 85
  • Input Voltage 48 Volts DC
  • Efficiency: 57 (lm/watt)
  • Listing UL48

Dimmer Control and Drive Circuit

MedLux® XLS MRI-Safe LED Lighting System

MedLux XLS Dimmer Control and Drive Circuit

LED and incandescent light sources will exhibit a color shift when the excitation current is changed. Our dimming system uses a technique called pulse width modulation which literally turns the LEDs ON and OFF so quickly that your eye does not perceive any change (flicker). The amount of time the LEDs are ON compared to OFF is called the duty cycle. As this duty cycle is varied from from 100% to 0%, the perceived brightness decreases in the same proportion. While this is happening, the LEDs always see full normal current whenever they are ON, so there is no color shift at all. All MedLux LED-based illumination products incorporate constant current drive circuitry. This circuitry includes overvoltage and surge protection to prevent damage to the LEDs